Repetition: Is It a Bad Thing?

Posted: February 16, 2017 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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repetitionYesterday I posted a video that I have posted a few times before. Sometimes I do that and when I do, I start to wonder if that will turn people off. They might think I have nothing new to offer. That is not the case. I am also aware sometimes as I write posts, I will touch on things I’ve touched on before and again those same old doubts come to call. The fact of the matter is, posting every day is tough and sometimes a repeat happens unintentionally. (I have posted over 2500 posts after all.) When that happens it’s a sign that I need to get out and try some new things and that is precisely what I do.

That being said, a lot of times the repeat is intentional. The point I am making is important (at least to me) and the repetition is for emphasis. There is something else that needs to be considered.

First of all, if you are one of my long term readers, I want to thank you and beg your indulgence. Rest assured I am constantly looking for and creating new things to keep this content fresh. I hope you will indulge me on those posts that either intentionally or accidentally repeat. You see the other thing I am aware of is that there are new people coming into this blog all the time from all over the world. Some of these points that may seem repeated to long term readers are brand new to them and I’m of the belief that those things I decide to repeat are things everyone needs to know.

The other thing to consider is some things are classic. If I went to see Led Zeppelin (and I really wish that were possible) I would really be bummed if they said we’re sick of playing Stairway to Heaven. I don’t think I have anything that is classic on that level, but I do hope I have things that will be inspirational more than once and that will continue to speak to new readers and maybe even new generations.

If you think I am repeating, bear with me, fresh stuff is coming, but hopefully if I repeat something it’s because someone needs to hear it again…

or for the first time.


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