One of the highlights of my year every year is working with the Haven Camp at Delta Lake Bible Conference in Rome, New York. Haven Camp is a camp for adults with special needs and it is fun and encouraging and I usually come away feeling like I got more out of it than I put into it. These people are such a blessing.

Early in my relationship with Delta Lake, I learned of an event they do annually called A Night to Shine. This is basically a prom for the same folks served by Haven Camp. A Night to Shine was created by the Tim Tebow Foundation and happens internationally and it looks fantastic. The photos posted are just amazing pictures of joy. It strikes me that we in the church could do a whole lot of good if we focused more on being bringers of joy. Think about it, we are a blessed people and we are blessed to be a blessing.

How have you been blessed? How can you use those blessings to help someone else? Yesterday I saw a video on social media of Tim Tebow. It appears that he was on a whirlwind tour, traveling all over the world and showing up at A Night to Shine events where he could and surprising the guests. I can’t help but be impressed. Here’s a young man who was really blessed athletically and though he only had one full season in the pros, he has made that really count, using the notoriety and resources he has received to be a blessing to others. As I thought about this event over the night, I began to wonder why he wasn’t blessed with a longer career. After all he has proven that he will do good with what he has received, but then it struck me. Regardless of what he has (and God continues to bless him in other ways), he is determined to do good with it and that can be an example to us all.

What can you do with what you have been given?

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