Yesterday, I had a post born out of creative block, in the process of writing that one post, another thought began to form. I spoke of starting even if you have no idea and seeing where it goes. I sometimes feel like I can hear the reader saying things back to me as I write, and the voice I heard as I wrote said “But I need an idea. I can’t just start out cold, I need a place to start. I need an idea.” The thing is I believe you already have one.

Oh it might not be a new bolt from the blue kind of idea, but I bet there’s one that’s been rattling around in your head that you’ve discounted for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a project you already started and got stuck or maybe it’s one that you thought of, but for whatever reason you just didn’t think you could make it work. Maybe now is the time to dust that one off and see how far you can take it.

One of the big questions I might ask is are you recording your ideas as you get them. If you’re anything like me, there are times where you get an idea, but you’re so backed up, you know you won’t be able to get to it. Do not just ignore that idea. Ideas have great value to creatives and letting them pass by is kind of like leaving money sit on the ground. Don’t do that. Take a moment and record your idea. Make a notebook or a file on your phone or whatever and keep it up to date. Then in those stuck times, when the ideas just aren’t flowing, go back to your records and see if anything appeals to you. Look for the one that appeals to you most and get started.

The biggest thing, again is to START something. It’s urgent that we finish what we start, but we’ll never finish if we don’t start. You have an idea already. You just need to bring your creativity to it and get to work.


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