What Should I Write About?

Posted: February 10, 2017 in creativity boosters
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Well here I am sitting down to write my daily post and my confession is I do not know what to write today. There’s no issue pressing on my heart and the things that are crossing my mind are unrelated and not what you come here for. This happens from time to time and I have a choice. I can skip a day or I can start to write and see what happens. Maybe I will come up with something useful. What’s the worse that can happen? I have to hit delete. Believe me when I tell you it’s happened before.

Maybe that’s the point of this. The way out of writer’s block or any other creative block is to start creating. After all there is nothing that is finished that was not first started. Sometimes you just have to start doing something and see where it goes. You would not believe how many pieces of my art have started this way. It’s not unusual really. Our musician friends will often get together and jam and before long their efforts turn into great songs that have blessed the world. This much I know. No one ever created anything great by whining about creative block.

In most of our art forms, starting costs very little. If I start a painting and it tanks, I just paint it over and start again. Sure I waste a little paint but the cost is minimal. Writing and digital art are even simpler, all you really lose is time. Now don’t get me wrong, time has great value, but I want to create anyway and I can learn a lot in a seemingly failed creation. Every time I start to work, I gain experience if nothing else and that will always beat sitting around worrying that I’ll never have another idea or subjecting myself to the frustration of social media.

This all goes back to my theory that inspiration is not something to be waited for. It’s something to be hunted down. So there you have it. No idea turns into almost 400 words of hopefully useful copy for anyone struggling with a creative block. Honestly though I could have broken it down into a much shorter message.

When you don’t know what to do, START!

(By the way, doing this also spawned the idea for tomorrow’s post.)

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