What If?

Posted: February 5, 2017 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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What if we gave up comparing and just created?
What if the benchmark for our work was growth?
What if we created every day?
What if we stopped listening to the critics (both inner and outer)?
What if we decided to be beacons of light in a dark world?
What if we created for the sake of creating?
What if we lived to honor God?
What if we created with honoring God at the forefront of our minds?
What if we sought God and created from our hearts?
What if we saw our work as a gift of love?
What if we determined to give our best everyday?
What if we vowed never to phone it in?
What if we rested and gave ourselves a break?
What if we created with the same abandon we did when we were kids?
What if we thought on things that were lovely and good?
What if we let joy drown out negativity?
What if we lived to be instruments of grace?
What if we collaborated with others?
What if we stepped up to help someone else’s dream become reality?
What if we cared and made sure people knew it?
What if we didn’t assume people know they are loved?
What if we prayed to God for a dream that would change the world?
What if we did our part to make it so?


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