Why Does the Church Needs Creativity?

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I know, I know, I’ve posted on this topic many times, but I am considering going for my Masters Degree with a focus on creative ministry and I am leaning toward using this “question” as my thesis. As I think about it, and indeed I am in the early stages of this pursuit, a lot of things are crossing my mind.

I guess the first thing to ask is the simplest question, i.e. Does the church need creativity? Of course, my answer to this question is yes. So much of the world I have done over the last nearly two decades supports that belief. I have seen creativity touch hearts and minds. I have seen the “lightbulb” come on as people’s eyes light up to new possibilities and I have seen a few see their need for Christ or at the very least the need for a greater commitment to Him as I have used my creative tools to communicate the Gospel. Of course, all of that is more about the work of the Spirit than the work of me, but I am pleased to be invited into the process. So yes I believe the church needs creativity. Now more than ever, I have to prove it and I would like to take you, dear reader, along for the journey.

So I believe the church needs creativity. The question is how do I make someone else believe it. This brings forth a multitude of problems. First of these problems is that so many people think they are not creative. I’m not sure what causes this, though I have some theories. First is an education system (and for that matter parents) that seems to funnel people away from the arts and toward things that are “more practical.” Of course, I plan to explore this in much greater detail. Then of course there are those who are resistant to creativity. I’ve heard a few people question the use of visual art, for example, asking whether or not we were in violation of the second commandment, namely that we are making “graven” images. I know this is not the case, but that some caution needs to be taken. Then there are others that question the need for creativity for fear of taking the people toward false teaching as we get creative with Scripture. Again, I am aware that there are possibilities of that here, but what we are doing is not at all about changing Scripture but rather seeking to find ways to take the unchanging message of the Gospel to an ever changing world.

Once over those obstacles, we have to look at our own obstacles. That is the internal things within creativity people that make us suspect to the rest of the world and specifically the church. Things like pride, ego and the artist’s temperament. As stated earlier I do believe the church needs creativity and it needs to encourage and empower creative people. I also believe creative people (like everyone else) need to be under authority and we need to learn how to work with and follow those the Lord has put over us.

These are just the beginning of my thoughts on the subject. Where we go from here is in God’s hands, but I look forward to the pursuit. The church does need creativity, noin me in proving why.

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