Well today is one of those days. I love what I do, I love preaching, teaching, writing, creating, pretty much everything I do, but of course in order to keep doing those things, there are some things that just need to be done. I call those things “The Mundane.” For example I have several live painting opportunities over the next few weeks, and I am really excited to get back in the swing of my speaking ministry. In order to paint though, I have to have something to paint on. So today will require a trip to Home Depot to get my boards cut to size. I paint on Masonite because canvasses the size that I paint, in the volume that I paint would cost an insane amount. When I finish that mission I have to bring them home and paint them all. No this won’t be fun art painting, just covering them all with a coat of either or white paint. Boring! After that, there are a few more household chores on the agenda. I also need to update my calendar and prepare for a few meetings. Basically this is the “not fun” stuff in a pretty fun life.

So why write about something that is quite literally as interesting as watching paint dry? Because it has to be done and the worst thing we can do is put it off. The thing you need to remember about the mundane is it becomes very important especially if you neglect it til the last minute. Don’t do that. Take the boring stuff on and get it out of the way. The sooner you do that, the sooner you get on to the fun stuff, and I think we can agree…

The fun stuff is awesome!


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