As you know, last year I did a piece of art every day for a year. This year my plan was to one up that by making a marketable product each day. I’ve succeeded in getting most of that done for the month, but here’s the problem, it’s hard to getting other things done. Oh I’m taking care of my church things and I’m doing what I need to do, but what am I gaining?

You see, I said marketable products and the idea behind making marketable products is to market them, to earn some money which I would love to apply to some of the projects I would love to do. You can see what I’ve got so far at What I am seeing is the problem’s not in making the products. I love to create and I alway will. The problem is in the marketing. Getting the word out tat things are available. The project is not accomplishing what I was hoping it would and so I will need to regroup a little.

You see I already have a “marketable product.” It’s my speaking ministry and it’s more than a product, it’s a calling… It’s my calling and I need to devote more time to letting the world know about it. I need to apply my creativity to letting people know I have something to offer that will bless them and help me to do the thing God has called me to do. Will I stop making products? No, but I will view that as more of a hobby and get back to the work at hand. I have two books in the works right now and I have a few more things I am really feeling led on that will most likely happen this year.

Why do I share this? Because goals are great, but sometimes your goals can become unrealistic or counterproductive and they need to be adjusted. Sometimes we all need to regroup. A good way to assess this is to look at your calling and ask the question, “Will this (activity, project, etc.) help me live out my calling or is it a distraction. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking your goals for maximum effectiveness.

Sometimes you just have to regroup.


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