So here’s how my morning went. I left for church in time that I could be early to church.  I have about an hour commute to my church but I can save a good deal of time if I take the highway as opposed to the preferable, safer and more scenic route. Well today there was road construction and my commute ballooned from one hour to two and a half. That was aggravating, but it was not what frustrated me.

I turned on my radio to take a little mental break from the traffic. I was in a place where reception was pretty terrible, so I used my seek feature to find a station and I found a really good one. A classic rock station, the music of my teen years. Song after song were favorites from a bygone era and I was quite happy, even singing along (which I’m not very good at so I usually only do it in the car when I’m alone) and that’s when the frustration started. I’d be in the middle of a song (isn’t it amazing how those lyrics just seem to come back) and before long though I would become conscious of what I was singing and how I had no business singing those words. I’m not a prude, I just can’t justify those words with my faith and world view. Song after song had something objectionable in it. Guys, this is music that I LOVE! Songs that bring back great memories. Great songs that said things I have no business repeating. It’s frustrating.

I’m not asking that they be Christian lyrics. I love Jesus and I love worship music, but I am more than okay with songs that speak to other aspects of life, though I know in my heart faith covers all aspects of life. I guess I just wonder why so few people felt the need to keep it clean, positive and, dare I say, up-lifting. I still want to love those songs and in most cases I still do, I just wish they had made better choices lyrically, because those lyrics really do stay with you.

All that is in the past, what’s done is done, but here we are creatives in 2017 and I think we have a responsibility to bring the best we can to all aspects of life so that people in the future can look back on what we do right now and have nothing but happy memories with no regrets or frustration. You really can be challenging, thought provoking, stimulating and even world changing while keeping it clean.

Just make art. Clean, uplifting, positive art with something to say that matters.


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