riseagainstThere’s a realm of literature called dystopian fiction. If you’re not familiar with the term, think about what utopia is, a kind of serene, perfect, paradise. Dystopian is the opposite of that. They’re set in a bleak future and usually involve people gathering together to rise above. In recent years, books like The Hunger Games and the Divergent Series are examples of dystopian fiction.

I am currently in my sixth week of a class on the book of Revelation, which I call dystopian truth. The true church is raptured from the world. The apostate church remains and tries to explain away what has happened because the alternative is to admit they are outside the will of God and in deep trouble. Of course some will realize the error of their ways commit to Christ and join a movement to evangelize the world. In the midst of the chaos of the disappearance of millions of people, a charismatic leader rises up and brings the world to a peace that is anything but. Before long it becomes clear that he is anything but peaceful, and he begins to oppress anyone who will not worship him. He will continue to hunt down and oppress anyone who rises up, until eventually he is destroyed by the conquering King Jesus, who will reign for a thousand years, put down one final rebellion and then reign for eternity over q perfect new heaven and a new earth. It would make a great dystopian novel, except for one thing, it’s what will actually happen and that alone should put those of us who love Jesus into evangelism overdrive, fulfilling His commission to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. There is a dystopian future in store for our world—One that can be avoided by placing your faith in Christ, now.

Some might be tempted to look negatively on God for allowing thing kind of thing to happen. Here’s what you need to understand, Jesus alone saves. Scripture says very clearly that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. This tribulation to come is God turning up the heat so that people will place their faith in Christ and be saved before its too late, a last ditch effort if you will to call people who have resisted numerous invitations to salvation.

Someone once asked Jesus what they must do to be saved. Jesus responded, “The work God requires is to believe the One He sent.” Brothers and sisters, our job as Christian creatives is to tell His story. To allow God to use our gifts to create things that will touch bless and call people to His truth. I think people are drawn to dystopian fiction because they like to see people heroically rise against an evil world system, rescuing people from it’s destructive oppression. There is a real world group of people called to be precisely that. They are called the church of Jesus Christ.

Rise Against the Empire of Darkness. Be the light of the world!


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