There are people who will be quite confused at how this 53 year old minister of the Gospel is so enamored with a rock band, as I am with the band Rush. They’re not a Christian band. We won’t be singing their songs in worship any time soon and some of the things that they have written would probably even run afoul of my beliefs and what I preach. So why am I still among their fans?

Well you know how sometimes music can take you back to times and places? That’s how it is with me. Their music takes me back to when I was 16. The first time I saw them live, but I’ve talked about that before. Today I want to talk about one song in particular. A 22 minute magnum opus of rock and roll called 2112. This song not unlike a symphony has movements and these movements tell a story, a sort of rock opera if you will and even if you won’t. For me this song was liberating. I was broken, I was hurting, I was a mess and I was an artist in a world that told me I couldn’t be an artist. Then I heard this song—a song about a young man in an oppressive society who finds a guitar and learns to play it. Learns to make music, beautiful music. He takes it to the powers that be, thinking he has found something that will change his musicless world for the better. They trash his discovery and tell him to go and find a way to make himself useful to the average. My heart so resonated with this story and in a way it still does.

You see I have a very low view of average because I don’t think any of us were created to be average. I think we were all created and gifted to be exceptional. I think the best thing we can do (next to finding salvation) is to lift ourselves out of mediocrity, develop our best gifts and be remarkable. And even greater thing we can do is turn around and inspire, encourage and support someone else to do the same. I get the sense that we were not created to wallow. We were created to rise above. We were created to do great things in the service of God and our fellow man. We were created to come into relationship with other people of varying giftings to do even greater things in community than we can on our own to the honor and glory of God. These relationships are what the church (the body of Christ) is intended to be. Church we are in this world to be exceptional in all areas, but especially in the areas of love and good deeds. These places we meet in are called sanctuaries and that is exactly what they should be. Places where people can come and learn and grow and get healing and become exceptional.

I don’t know that that’s what those three guys from Canada intended when they wrote that song, but long before I knew this Jesus that I serve, that song showed my 16 year old heart a glimmer of the vision I have for the life I want to live, a life of creating and telling the story and inspiring others to use what they have been given to rise above and live remarkable lives to the glory of God. It may not have been what they intended, but it’s what happened and I am grateful for the inspiration.

What inspires you?

  1. Kindra Kreislers says:

    Oh my gosh. I looked up the lyrics. Beautiful. (Til the end…does it mean what I think it means at the end??) Absolutely beautiful discoveries and imaginings.

    • amokarts says:

      I wanted to touch on the end of the song but cut it short because the post was already long. To tell the truth, I really don’t know for sure. It looks like he ends his life, but that was never where it took me. The thing I think we all need to see here is that if he did give up, he gave up too early, just before the victors came and overthrew the powers that be. And so it is with us. We need keep fighting the good fight and never give up. If we are in God’s will victory is secure.

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