It’s Not About What You Do…

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Thoughts on art ministry and life

I probably should have known better than to read before bed. I am reading a book about trusting God and His protection which is really quite good, but I had to put the book down and go to sleep and when I slept, I had a dream. Here’s what happened. I was in this place surrounded by all kinds of junky, antiquey, kinds of things. A man was there. I recognized him because he is an actor who has played Satan a couple of times in real life and this appeared to be his role in my dream. He told me I had to make something out of the junk in the room and if it wasn’t good enough I would go to hell. I was restricted, I could not leave the room, etc. I was frantically creating, trying to come up with something good enough to keep me from going to hell. Then I woke up.

Yes, I know it’s absurd and yet it got me thinking. Do I live my life like that? Do you? Oh maybe not to the extreme of creating to keep ourselves out of hell, but working like we have to earn God’s favor. I know I have been guilty of that and at times I still fight against it. There seems to be a fine line, at least in my life between wanting to give God my best and live faithfully and trying to earn something I have been given freely. How about you?

Guys here’s the thing. I know I talk a lot about what we do here. It’s sort of the function of a creativity, arts blog, but you are a lot more than what you do and what you create. When it comes to our relationship with God, it’s not about what we do, it’s about what He has done in Christ for us. You are loved with a love that is not dependent on your abilities or anything else that you do. You are loved perfectly, because God is perfect. This knowledge should be liberating for us. Our actions and our activities are not about earning anything. We can’t repay what we have been given. Our actions should be born out of nothing but gratitude. Anything else is misplaced.

You can’t create yourself out of hell or into heaven. Heaven was bought for you on the cross. If you have received His gift and there is no expectation of repayment. Instead we live to honor him and create to give Him our best. Give your heart to Jesus and trust Him. He has you covered.


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