It’s Christmas Eve… May You Be Blessed!

Posted: December 24, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Well my wife and son are off work today, but I still have to work, today and tomorrow. Of course I’m not complaining. I get to proclaim the Gospel of Christ on the most blessed birthday of all. I count it as an extreme privilege to get to do what I do, but especially tonight. You see if past years are any indication, my church will be full tonight. I’ll see people who I haven’t seen all year. Some church folks lament these people. They’ve even given them a nickname, “Chreasters.” They’re the people you only see on Christmas and Easter. I don;t think we should lament them at all.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, if the whole church only showed up on those days, we’d be in dire trouble and I praise God for the people who are at the church every time the doors are open, but these folks represent an amazing opportunity. They already believe at least to some degree, or at least they know there is a reason for this season larger than the presents under the tree, and I get the opportunity to take them deeper. I get to show them why this faith of ours is important the other 363 days of the year. I get to give truth to people who are at least seeking it and I get to do it in the context of a loving church family. This is a hugely important day in the life of the church and we miss a huge opportunity by lamenting people who walk through our doors. Don’t fall for it. Love these people with al the love we celebrate on this day.

So here’s what I need you to do on this blessed day.
1. Pray for all of us in church leadership. Ask God to move us and to help us to “bring it” with power and passion. Ask Him to help us to be revived and empowered to pull out all the stops.
2. Go to church and invite your friends to come with you. What greater gift can we give at Christmas than the gift of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
3. Pray that the body of Christ will be open armed tonight and every night, that we will be willing to do what our Savior did for us. He met us right where we were and patiently ushered us back to the Father.
4. Pray for all the people that some cynics call Chreasters. Pray that they would show up tonight, ready to receive al that Jesus has to offer. They are beloved children that the Lord is drawing to Himself and we get the privilege of being there when He welcomes them in.

I pray you have a blessed evening tonight and more than anything, I pray that God might give you a divine appointment with someone who needs to receive what God is offering this Christmas eve. Unto us a child is born…


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