You Can’t Win…

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Okay, time for another confession. I would love to win the Powerball. I mean they regularly rack up prizes in the hundreds of millions of dollars and I could really use that kind of money. I could help a lot of people with a hundred million dollars. I also could make all my creative dreams come true. Yessiree I would love to hit the Powerball, but there’s a problem.

I don’t believe in gambling. I don’t play the lottery as a matter of conscience and faith. You can disagree if you want and I won’t hold it against you, but for me this is a line I won’t cross. Now of course, I know what some of you might be thinking…

You can’t win if you don’t play.

And if you’re thinking that, you’re absolutely right and this principle can be applied to your creative dreams as well. So many people want to do great creative things. They dream of writing the great American novel, hanging a painting in the Louvre, winning a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, of having a hit single or any of the other ways creatives measure success. Unfortunately dreaming is all they do and that will never get it done.

We have to give legs to our dreams. We need to do the hard work of bringing our dreams to reality. We have to create and we have to share those creations with the world. We have to make our best work, put it out there and keep improving. We have to do create every day. We have to perfect our craft and we have to let people know about it. What is an artist? Someone who makes art! What are you making? What are you doing? Are you sharing what you do? Are you putting it out there? If not, how do you expect people to find you.

You might think, “Well I’m not good enough yet.” How do you know if you haven’t tried. I’ve put out multiple books this year and a lot of work went into them and so far, no raging successes. So I’ve decided to give up… WRONG! I’m working on another book. I’m taking a different approach. I know who I am, I know my goals and my mission and so I keep working at it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a NY Times best seller but then again that’s not my primary goal. My mission in life is to help people embrace their creativity and come to know love and follow Jesus and use their gifts to serve Him. Who knows maybe this book will be the one to take my career over the top, help me reach the masses, and add fuel to the creative ministry movement. Will it? I don’t know. In this creative life there are no guarantees. Oh wait, there is one…

You can’t win if you don’t play!


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