A Generation of Generalists

Posted: December 19, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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specialistOkay let’s start with the basics. You’re not well rounded, nor were you designed to be. It’s a fallacy of modern education. Somehow we’ve come to the conclusion that everyone needs to be good at everything. As a result much of education is spent working on our “weaknesses.” Of course you know what gets neglected in the process. That’s right, ur strengths. Now I will be the first to admit, we would try everything at one point or another as some gifts get buried in every day life, but as aptitudes become more and more apparent we should be focusing on these strengths and making them even better and better. Given the choice to be great at one thing or average at everything, I am going to choose greatness every time and, in my opinion, so should you.

How much different would our lives be if we were truly able to give our best to what we’re best at? Adding the faith component to all of this, what if the thing you’re best at is what you were designed to do. After all the Scripture calls the Church a body and specifies that every part of the body has its own function. This is the model for a heathy and thriving society. Consider what a community would be like if every person brought what they were the very best at to the table and if all these experts came together doing the thing they do best and pushing their weaknesses to people for whom those weaknesses are strengths, all of the sudden this community is doing what no individual can do alone, i.e. EVERYTHING WELL!

If we succeed at creating a generation of generalists, we will succeed at making everyone mediocre. That’s a brand of socialism I want no part of. I’d rather find my niche and serve the people who need or desire what I do. Be a specialist to the glory of God and come together with all the other specialists around you. Let’s all be the best we can be and work together to the glory of God.


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