onehitterIn our creative lives, there will be creations that will connect and others that don’t. There will be some with mass appeal and others that do nothing more than help us express something that is deep inside is and screaming to get out. Please remember there is good in all of it.

Consider the music business. We all know about the one hit wonders. You know a band that writes one song that connects and then they fade away. In the world of albums, (and I know I am showing my age here) we sometimes see what is called the Sophomore slump. The first album, the debut, connects with the world and all of the sudden the world wants to know what else have you got. So the artist quickly puts out the second album and it’s a critical flop. That’s the sophomore slump and it’s easily understood. The artist had his whole life to create the first one. It’s born out of blood, sweat and tears. The second was created in a few weeks or months to try to meet a demand. It’s a recipe for failure.

But now everyone experiences the Sophomore slump. The ones who don’t are the ones who have built a body of work. They’ve been creating all along. They’ve been bringing their best to their craft day in and day out and when that one piece makes the connection, there is no need to fear, you simply go to all that work you’ve done and select the next pieces to share with the world.

The idea that we do our best work under pressure is usually a lie we tell ourselves when we haven’t done the work. The Sophomore slump is proof of that concept. So keep creating and build that body of work.


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