Infamy and Memorability

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

infamyToday is December 7. Today in 1941 the Japanese launched a strike on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. President Roosevelt referred to it as a day that will live in infamy and he was right. 75 years later, people still remember that day because of all the death and destruction. I’ve been to the site and it is both beautiful and eerie simultaneously. The memories of that day are etched in our national psyche forever and while we have bounced back, we will never forget. It’s memorable for all the wrong reasons.

When we look at the choices we have to make each day we are faced with a similar conundrum. Why will people remember what we’ve done? Will we be infamous or memorable and can we be memorable in the face of infamy. I think this should be the goal of every believer, that we would always live to God’s glory and in the face of infamy that we would have a response that people would remember. As I think of this my thoughts go to the Nickel Mines shootings here in PA. In case you missed the story, a man walked into an Amish school in Lancaster County and opened fire killing many children. The Amish responded with grace and forgiveness and the world took notice. May we never have to stand in that kind of tragedy, but how we react to the infamy in the world around us can be a memorable witness to the world around us.

As creatives, how can we respond to infamy in ways that are memorable. How can we live in such a way that people “see our good works and praise our Father in heaven.

Will we be infamous or memorable?


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