I spent a good portion of the morning today creating some hand crafted items for door prizes for an event that will be held tomorrow. This was more craft than art though I came up with some stuff I am pretty happy with. The thing is there are some artists who would feel like they are above doing that type of work. If you’re one of them, let me challenge your thinking.

Over the years I have heard artists complain about the fact that they are not being utilized by their churches. Upon further exploration I usually find that they do have opportunities but it’s not the kind of thing they want to do. They feel like the projects being offered are somehow beneath them and where they’re at creatively. One of the things that comes up stereotypically is the mural in the nursery. Many people feel like they have advanced past that type of work and again I need to challenge your thinking. Why? Well, I have a ministry that has allowed me to minister in about 15 states and over 150 churches in the last four years. All kinds of doors have opened for me to do a wide variety of presentations and projects and it all started with painting a backdrop for Vacation Bible School.

Here’s a truth. It’s not universal but my guess is it happens more often than not. Churches and pastors don’t always know what to do with us and they’re not always sure than they can trust us. Pastors have huge responsibilities and congregations expect a great deal from them. They have to be careful with who they trust and who they put up before their congregation. Some of these simple projects are the way to open the door. No they may not be the ideal project, but they are a way to show that we are dependable, can take direction and that we will not do things that will get them fired, or lead the congregation in the wrong direction.

Make no mistake about it, serving the Lord usually involves humbling ourselves and using art in the church is certainly no exception. Proving that we will do what is asked of us is usually how we get to do the stuff that we want to do. Showing that we will deliver, deliver on-time and come under the authority that God has placed over us is vital, not just in our church based art, but in the Christian life in general.

And besides, doing this stuff is usually fun. Sometimes we have to stop taking ourselves so seriously and just create something simple. Anytime we bring our best to a project, there is an almost certain guarantee that someone will be blessed and that is a huge part of why we are here. Sometimes we get to do the ideal projects that we really want to do, and sometimes we just need to step up and do what needs to be done. Each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others. If it’s in your gifting and not in someone else’s, maybe it’s time to step up.


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