Keeping It Fresh

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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As far as I can see, this is my post number 2543. I post virtually every day and have been for a very long time. You might wonder how I can do it. How can I post every day and still keep it fresh. Well let’s start off with a bit of honesty. I know some days are fresher than others and there have been times where I missed the mark, but I do work hard to be consistent. Here are some ideas on ways to keep it fresh:

Prayer: First and foremost is the Spiritual end of all of this, this might be repetitive for this blog, but in this instance I don’t care. If your gift is about God then God needs to be in on the process. Praying and seeking God for direction in your work is key.

Passion: Consistency demands passion. I can post about this every day because I am passionate about creativity in the church. I feel like this is a huge part of my calling and encouraging people to use their creativity in the service of the Lord is tremendously important to me. As a result, I have a lot to say about it and it is really interesting to me and so I spend a lot of time thinking about it and studying it and working in it, which brings me to my next point…

Curate: No person is an island and fortunately there are a lot of people doing really creative stuff out there. Sometimes the best way I can serve my readers is to share what others are doing. This doesn’t just give me great content, it allows me to promote some really great people working in my field.

Never stop learning: Read, watch, listen and seek out all the information you can find on your topic, then share what you’re learning. One of the biggest blind spots anyone has is they don’t know what they don’t know. Finding new information and sharing it helps fill the gaps in our knowledge.

Chase inspiration down: If I waited for inspiration, I would have posted less than half of these posts. I have committed to posting here regularly, I have a small but faithful audience that is also interested in and passionate about this topic. I feel like I owe it to you to post great stuff as often as possible, so I don’t wait for inspiration, I seek it out and I don’t give up until there is a finished post ready to go up.

My goal is to give you the best post I can every day. I may not nail it, every day, but I know I will be bringing another post tomorrow. If you want to be consistent and keep it fresh it really comes down to three words. DO THE WORK!


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