jitrsWell my wife and I went out today. We hit a few stores and picked up a few things, to be honest more things we needed than gifts, but the prices were pretty good. I have to admit I didn’t see much mayhem and everyone was pretty civil. I got home and went to social media and saw it happened again, people fighting in the stores, trampling each other as the doors open, even a person getting shot and killed over a parking space. It’s insane…

People are completely missing the point and the story. Jesus came to rescue us from sin. He came to love sacrificially and that is exactly the opposite of what I am seeing. Jesus came to teach us to put others first and to follow His example. If we are willing to fight and kill to acquire material things, even for the purpose of giving them as gifts totally ignores everything Jesus taught and it is thoroughly unacceptable.

Now I know what you might be thinking, people who would do that kind of thing are not followers of Jesus, this may be true (or it may not, all have sinned… remember?), but let’s say they’re not, this should be a huge concern for anyone who is a follower of Christ. After all, followers of Jesus are here to point the rest of the world to Jesus. Seeing this kind of behavior rapped around the celebration of our savior should burden our hearts and cause us to show a better way.

How can we demonstrate something better to a world that will fight and even kill for a bargain? This is a question we all need to answer and then we need to act on that answer. Selfishness (and that is exactly what this is) is best combatted with selflessness. Create a better Christmas, one that honors God.


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