My Books So Far

Posted: November 17, 2016 in books
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One of the things I love is generating materials to help people to explore and enhance their creativity. I have quite a few books out and I thought I would share them here,

Creative Ministry Books

Running A.M.O.K. Kindle Version Running A.M.O.K. Print Version Minstering to the Creative Soul Kindle Version Ministering to the Creative Soul Print Version

Creativity Builders

One Liners Kindle Version One Liners Print Version Creativity Kickers 1001: A Sketch Odyssey

Ministry Resources

Pictures of Jesus Print Book Story: Parables of Jesus Creative Journal Many Parts One Body: Large Many Parts, One Body: Medium
Many Parts, One Body: Small

Adult Coloring

Kaleidoscopic Creatures 1 Kaleidoscopic Creatures 2 Kaleidoscopic Creatures 3
Kaleidoscopics 1 Kaleidoscopics 2 Kaleidoscopics 3 Kaleidoscopics 4

Drawing Books

Making Faces: Holidaze Making Faces: Creatures and Monsters I Making Faces: Creatures and Monsters II
  1. […] I’m looking forward to getting your input. In the mean time checkout some of what I already have released. […]

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