So here’s the thing. I love cartooning. It is probably my favorite art form. I know it’s not very high brow, but the combination of words and pictures are a dynamic duo on the path to understanding and if there’s anything we need right now, it’s understanding. Sadly it’s doubtful that will happen given the level of discourse in the U.S. and I suspect the same could be said throughout the world. Simply put, disagreement is portrayed as hate, and it is easier to vilify than to have a conversation. This has come to a head after the presidential election, but make no mistake about it, this has been brewing for decades and it is thoroughly unacceptable.

The following cartoons are the way I vented. The first five are a poem of sorts. The other five continue the thought. They should not be seen as pro either candidate because this is SOOO not about politics. The two candidates selected by the voters show the depths to which we have fallen as a nation. This is about the level of discourse in our nation. There was a time when people could disagree profoundly and still hold each other in some degree of respect. That is what I would love to see restored. It’s not too late, but it soon will be.

Disagree with me, it’s okay, I still love you and that’s pretty much the key to the whole argument.


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