Well I’m playing catch up again. No surprises there, but what can I say it’s a busy life. I try to stay really consistent here and post daily, but every once in a while things get away from me. Here’s what’s been going on:

unknownThursday, November 10 my wife and I attended the Catalyst One Day event here in PA. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s a one day church and business leadership conference hosted by Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. These guys are two of the great minds in church leadership today and they shared so much gold with us that I am still trying to digest it all. Catalyst tends to target young leaders, but the audience at our Pennsylvania event was a mixed bag and I was not among the oldest there This is a very worthwhile event and I have no doubt we will attend other events in the future. Maybe the best leadership event I have ever attended.

cmslogoOn November 11 and 12 I attended the Creative Ministry Fest in Hershey, PA. This two day event was targeted at a variety of different creative approaches to ministry, but primarily focused on puppets, magic and drama. This inexpensive and value packed event was put on by Creative Ministry Solutions and they do events all over the country. While I am not really too active in any of these streams of ministry, I got a lot out of it and it inspired me creatively. Of particular interest were the contests where ministry teams go the chance to demonstrate what they’re doing before a panel of judges who could give them constructive feedback. It was entertaining and fun and I was blown away by the level of creativity some of these folks displayed. If CMS is hosting one of these events in your area, check it out. It will be worth your while. Now if only I can get them to add a visual art ministry component.

November 13, I returned to my home church and preached the Word. All the inspiration I had received in the days before helped my delivery I am sure. Then I went home to celebrate my son Chris’ birthday and today as soon as my clothes leave the dryer, I ma headed back out to The Liberty Raymond Tavern in OH to do two nights of ministry on inspiration and re-creation. Should be a great time.

How about you? What are you up to? What events do you go to to get inspired? Share them in the comments below.


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