Creative Challenges Coming Soon

Posted: November 13, 2016 in creative challenge, creativity boosters, creativity resources
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Confession Time…
There are days of my week where it is really hard to get a post written but no day is harder than Sunday. I’m a pastor and due to a unique set of circumstances, I pastor a church that is pretty far from where I live. I leave fairly early to get there, and even on days where there is nothing after church, it takes pretty long to get home. From there, it seems to be the best day of the week to get together with my son and have some time with my grandson. Add to that the fact that I really like to make Sunday afternoon a time of rest, because God said so and because I need it, I’ve sort of decided that Sunday posts, written on Sunday, have got to stop.

What I’ve decided to do instead is to post my creative challenges each Sunday. I can post these far in advance, you can read them at you leisure and work on them (if you so desire) all throughout the week. They won’t be officially starting until January, this will give me the time to work up a back log of them, so I won’t miss a week or find myself stumbling around Sunday morning trying to keep this commitment when I should be getting myself physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for Sunday service.

I hope you will enjoy these posts and that you will follow along and do some of them yourself, especially if you find yourself blocked creatively.
If you don’t want to wait until January, I have three books that could get you started now.

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