A Vision for Visuals: Using Art in Ministry

Posted: November 11, 2016 in books, Thoughts on art ministry and life

avisionforvisualscovermockupI have never shared this part of the process before. I’m going to give you the outline of a project in it’s infancy. This is a project that should probably be on the back burner for quite a while, but a few opportunities seem to be saying, “Get this done!” Now a disclaimer for this post would be I have the process of writing a book figured out, but I have yet to figure out how to get onto the best sellers list, some have yet to reach the sellers list, but I digress. These will be the topics for my how-to book on the many manifestations of art ministry.

The working title of the book is A Vision for Visuals: Using Art in Ministry and a lot of this could still change but here are the ideas I am looking at, This is really rough some things will change, some will be reordered, some will be cut. So here’s the question. What am I missing?

What is Art Ministry?
Why Use Art in Ministry?
How can art point to Jesus?
Art in Worship
Art in Teaching
Art in Outreach
The Benefits of Using Art in Ministry
The responsibility of the artist in ministry
Getting permission
Submission to Authority
What glorifies God and what doesn’t?
Appropriate Subject matter
Finding your fit
Finding the right venue
How will you do your art
Speed painting/chalk drawing
Painting to the message
Thematic Gallery spaces
Other visuals
Visual art opportunities in the church.
What you need to get started?
Meeting the church’s need
Art ministry teams
Building a team
Being a team player
Art as outreach
Studio Spaces
Gallery Spaces
Open Studio
Give them a venue
working with other art forms
Talking about it.
Gallery cards

  1. Looks great if it was published now I’d buy it now!

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