Beauty… or the Lord Always Knows What He’s Doing…

Posted: November 5, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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It’s Fall here in Pennsylvania and it is beautiful. The leaves are starting to fall and fade from their peak glory, but they are still something to behold, but what’s even better are the Spring-like temperatures. It’s gorgeous and warm. I was walking on a parking lot when I greeted a woman I did not know. She said, “Beautiful weather we’re having, isn’t it?” I could not help but agree, and said I would be okay of it stayed this way through the Winter. It’s true, but is it right?

I love warm weather, and truth be known, I can’t stand winter. The cold, the ice, the back breaking snow shoveling. I’m just not a fan. Give me the warm weather any time, and yet it occurs to me, that someone much smarter than me gave us Winter for a reason. Even better stated, a multitude of reasons. It kills off and regulated the populations of bugs and other animals, it drives the roots of the trees deep, waters and protects the ground and a whole bunch of other things I’m not aware of. Not to mention even I have to grudgingly admit that the sun dancing off the new fallen snow is breathtakingly beautiful. This much is true, God always kn owns what He is doing and He is a master at creating beauty.

So maybe I need to find ways to redirect myself toward appreciation and gratitude even in the things that will sometimes try my patience. If God uses weather to cancel one of my trips, perhaps He is reminding me to rest. If God makes it so cold that I have to stay in doors and enjoy my family, well there are worst things I could do with my time. Maybe God combines the inconvenience with the beauty to remind us that He has all things under control, that it all depends on Him and we need to depend on Him. If He needs something done, He will make a way. Otherwise, maybe we all just need to appreciate the beauty of whatever He gives and move forward in faith, or take a break and rest in His embrace.

We have that saying “God is good all the time and al the time, God is good.” That statement is absolutely true and we need to live like we believe it. Appreciate the beauty of God’s creation because in that beauty, we see the beauty of God.


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