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Is it appropriate for me to wish you happy halloween in a church?
Isn’t that a satanic holiday? Well they’ve claimed it but it’s not theirs.

Halloween has been coopted and corrupted and I think the church should reclaim it.

Halloween does have its roots in Celtic mythology. It was a feast called SamHain. It was celebrated to commemorate relatives who had passed away and to give thanks for the harvest. The tradition of wearing costumes dressed in costumes to fool evil spirits into thinking the costumed Celts weren’t human beings to be harmed.

Further to ward off these evil spirits, they carved monstrous faces on gourds lighted with candles, which is where our Jack-O-Lantern tradition came from and the also put sweet treats outside their door, which is where we get trick or treating from.

The challenge, according to superstition, was to divert the evil spirits attention away from their thanksgiving feast the following day. So, while you might say well then it has it’s roots in paganism and that may be true, but all of it was done as an action against evil, to ward off evil, and the other thing to remember is God wasn’t done with the Celts.
He sent missionaries to them and the Celts were converted.

When they were converted to Christianity the feast continued, now as a way to remember the saints of the faith. The missionaries used this celebration to teach the Celts God’s Word. The word Halloween literally means holy evening. In other words, if it’s holy it’s ours, it belongs to the church and in my opinion we’re better off reclaiming it and using the second most popular holiday of the year as a way to glorify God.

How can you use your gift to glorify God this time of the year. Here’s one way we did.