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In every year, there are a couple of special days that can make us assess where we are and where we’re headed. The first one for most of us is New Years Day. We make all those resolutions and most of the time we fail to keep them, which is a real shame but in some ways, I think we set ourselves up for failure. After all, one day is really the same as the rest and if we set goals without plans, well as the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Goal setting is huge, but a huge part of it is breaking huge goals into manageable steps. This allows us to make incremental progress each day. Incremental and consistent progress allows us to feel like it’s working which makes us far more likely to continue on toward the goal.

For me, all other days pale in comparison to my birthday. As I sit here on this first day of my 54th year on planet earth, I have begun to look at my goals for the coming year. Year 53 was among the best in my life, and one of the big things I want to do is to try to keep the momentum going and exceed my expectations. I want to work toward growth in my church. I want to see a numerical growth of at least ten new members in my church this year. You might think, It’s not about numbers, in which case I would have to remind you that numbers are people and Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. I do not intend to see these people treated like numbers, but goals work best when they can be quantified.

In this year, I set a goal to create a new piece of art every day and I am very close to meeting that goal. This includes six adult coloring books published since last December 29. This year my intent is to publish at least six new books. This will include a few more coloring titles but I would also like to publish at least two regular books that are currently in the works. I will also be publishing a new speaker calendar. In the coming year I intend to continue the piece of art every day challenge but with something of a twist. This twist is confidential but stay tuned. I also want to do at least 12 painting parties this year and do at least 40 live art/speaking presentations.

Lastly and most importantly, I want to be a better husband, father, grandfather and pastor to those who have been given to me to care for. This is hard to quantify, but it will force me to be more present in the moment wherever I am. You might think these are insane goals but quite honestly, it’s doable if I focus and keep distractions to a minimum. I also need to prioritize. If I am going to fail at any of these goals, it will not be anything in this paragraph.

What are your goals for the coming year? The best time to set them is now.