Well October 25 is my birthday and I’m 53 years old. It doesn’t seem possible. I remember when 53 year old people were old, but here I am. I guess what I am saying is age is a matter of perspective and perspective is an illusion. Think about it, perspective makes a rectangle into a trapezoid. It makes things appear differently depending on your… well… perspective, i.e. the way you look at things.

53 means I have traveled around the sun 53 times, flying at a rate of of nearly 100 times the speed of sound (64,000 m.p.h.), while standing on the side of a ball that itself is spinning at about 1000 miles an hour. Does it feel like you’re going that fast? No as a matter of fact as you read this post, you probably feel like you’re sitting (basically) still. It’s a matter of perspective and yet we are moving extremely fast, every moment of every day and if we ever stopped, we’d likely go spinning off into space. All that motion is required to keep us in an orbit which allows this planet to sustain life. It goes off without a hitch and because it does, we sometimes fail to even realize we’re moving at all. It goes off without a hitch because our Creator is faithful and keeps everything under control. We can trust Him in everything. He quite literally never lets us down. Your world is not spinning out of control. It is spinning in His control and it always will.

Trust God to lead you all the way through this life and all the way home.

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