I think I was among the last people to see this amazing film, but I have always been struck by the overarching theme and I think many people need to consider it’s theme in their lives. A despairing, despondent man begins to wish he had never been born and from there the film explores the impact of his life. I hope you are never despairing or despondent but please believe that your life matters and how you live it matters, because the impact is larger than you think.

You never know what will make a difference. Sometimes it’s a huge project, sometimes its a kind word. In my life, some of the biggest things have happened because I painted a backdrop for Vacation Bible School. I was a floundering new Christian who was starting to believe that I didn’t fit anywhere and I never would. I was loving God and my new-found faith, but I really felt like I failing in the serving God department. Then my pastor asked me to paint a backdrop for vacation Bible school and it changed everything. That one act set a whole lot of things in motion that eventually led to my call to ministry and this amazing life I have today, pastoring a church and traveling the country painting pictures, telling stories and preaching the Gospel. It led to writing this blog, writing books, helping churches to embrace creativity and creative people and on and on.

I think most people go through life feeling like they are not making a difference, but you won’t know the scope of your impact on this world, and it’s not really for you to worry about. You just need to live your life faithfully, making the most of the opportunities set before you. Here’s what you need to remember. God made you on purpose for a purpose. Bring your best to every opportunity, which will sometimes feel a lot like making your own opportunities, but really it’s more like following God through the doors He opens. Will you always get it right? No, but God is bigger than our failures and uses some of those things to bring us even more growth. Develop your gifts and put them to use to the glory of God, then put your work in His hands and trust that He can do more than you can ask or imagine, because He can and He will.

Your impact on this world is most likely a lot larger than you think, but even if it isn’t, it’s a wonderful life and today is the first day of the rest of it. The past is gone bring your best to today and keep learning, working and most importantly praying and trusting God. Let Him deal with your impact. You be faithful.

It truly is a wonderful life. Watch this clip from Andy Andrews to get a better understanding of the way our lives can have a huge impact.

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