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MASTERPIECEPOSTEROne thing I have found that I really love to do is get people painting. As my regular readers know part of my mission is to get people to embrace their creativity. I’ve started doing painting parties and I’ve found that it is a great way to get people to create. I’ve done two so far and I will be doing another one at Anytime Fitness in Hamburg, PA on November 4.

If you’re not familiar with a paint party. Everyone creates the same painting as I give them step by step instructions. For some it’s just a fun night out and there’s nothing wrong with that. For others I can just see the walls come down as people see they actually can create and express themselves and there can be tremendous healing in that. Art can be very therapeutic and I love being a part of that.

I sometimes wonder why more people don’t make art. My guess is they got a bad grade in art or someone told the they weren’t very good. It’s tragic. For every artist that makes it into galleries and museums there are thousands of people who would just benefit from getting what’s going in inside them, out. Art is a great release. Of course the other benefit is, I am virtually convinced that everyone can make something that will touch someone else’s heart. The ability to bless others can be of huge benefit to the artist as well as the one receiving the blessing.

I call my paint parties Masterpiece Paint Nights. It’s not because I expect people to create masterpieces, so much as I want them to know they are a masterpiece, a one of a kind original creation, capable of doing great things in our world.

If you’d like to bring me in to do a Masterpiece Paint Night at your venue, you can contact me at or click here.