Okay let mer be the first to admit, I’m lousy at sports and almost as bad at sports analogies, but there is something about being almost done. You’re running the bases, coming up on this base and you have a decision to make. Do you stop at third and play it safe or do you go for it? You know the fielder has picked up the ball and the throw is coming. Can you beat it? Can you make it all the way home? Do you have what it takes? Ah, there’s the real question and so I round a corner of my own right into the real topic of this post—finishing well.

If you’ve been a creative for any length of time, sooner or later you have had a project that was almost done. A few more words, a few more lines and it will be ready to ship it—that is to share it with the world. It’s at this point that the self doubts come in. Is it good enough? Are you good enough? Now there’s nothing wrong with editing, as a matter of fact, editing is crucial to the process, but there comes a point in every project where we have to call it done and send it out. Sometimes though, it feels like it is easier and safer to play it safe. To keep tweaking it and massaging it and putting off the inevitable, because that’s easier than the possibility of rejection.

Let’s go back to baseball. Hitting a triple is a wonderful thing. It’s not easy and a lot of factors have to fall into place to make it all the way to third, but if you’re still on third when that third out happens, your effort is completely and utterly useless. No one scored, in other words there’s no point. It would have been better to risk it. It would have been better to have tried to reach the goal (okay, the plate, I told you I was bad at sports analogies) than to have stood there safe at third. While sports strategists may be able to tell me differently about baseball, no one can tell me any different about creating. Sooner or later you have to ship your creation and share it with the world.

I love the end of a project. I’m usually a little bored with it by the time I reach that point and I get this sudden adrenaline rush to get it done and get it out for the world to see. It’s great to have some people around you to help you edit, but don’t tweak it together. If you’re a believer, you know there is only One who can make a perfect creation. The rest of us do the best we can and share it with the world.

Are you rounding third? The time is now. Finish that thing and share it with the world. It may not be perfect, but hopefully it’s better than the last one, and the next one will be better still.

Anything is better than being stranded on third.

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