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She’s a wonderful young woman, talented, kind, loves Jesus, yet the other day I saw that she posted a meme to social media that said, “Sometimes I feel like nobody likes me, nobody wants me, nobody needs me and nobody cares.” It broke my heart and frankly it made me a little mad. The enemy is aways doing stuff like that, sometimes directly, mostly through other people and (though not in this case) I fear sometimes even through me. Sometimes the hardest hits come from those closest to us. These attacks are hard to take… and easy to fend off.

You see the key to overcoming these kinds of attacks is knowing who you are. Lies are best overcome by the truth. We may feel all the things listed above, but feelings are not facts. The truth of the matter is my friend, and you, and yes, even me are very highly valued, blessed and highly favored, beloved children of God through Jesus. You were worth so much to God that He gave His only Son, to die for your sins. You are loved and accepted by the One who matters most. Yes it is true, people will let you down. We’re all broken and we all mess up, but the perfect one loves you beyond measure.

So next time you feel unloved, cast that feeling aside and go with what you know. You ARE loved by God (and by me, but God is more important). Hold on to that until your feelings catch up with what’s true.

I’m at the very beginning stages of what will be a new book whose working title is IDENTIFY. I know I have other projects in the works, but this one feels like it is urgent. There are too many people in our world who are feeling terrible and sometimes even doing g terrible things because they don’t know who they are.

How can you use your gift to help people see the truth?