Archive for September 30, 2016

Thecover last day of September was one of those days where I got really inspired. one of the things I have struggled with is having a one-stop place where I can record my speaking engagements along with all the information I need to keep track of the details. Nothing seemed to work out so I decided to design and publish my own. I was able to finish the piece in one day, but of course the file had a few discrepancies so I need to make a few adjustments. I expect to publish early in the week and will make it available for a very limited time at cost. I was originally going to make this a full color publication but the final cost on that was 45 dollars so black and white it is. I will notify you as soon as it goes live in case there is anyone else that wants to try it out.

Also I have finished my ninth month of making a piece of art every day. Again. I am taking breaks, and sabbath rests, but I cover that by making more art on other days. Having published a new coloring book in September helped this project along. You can see the finished page here. Wait til you see what I have planned for next year. Remember the point of this exercise is to show you that while you don’t have to finish a piece of art every day, you can find time to create in any day.

Do something creative today!