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I had a full day planned with lot’s of productivity laid out for today. I headed out to the hospital to visit one of the guys from my church, then as I headed to the church, I felt a clunk. all of the sudden I had the stunning realization that my van was no longer shifting. The transmission had a pretty serious problem. I limped it onto a church parking lot, called AAA and waited for the tow truck. I had the mighty MacBook with me so I got a few things done, but right now my back log is pretty large. At this point I can go one of two directions. I can get frustrated and give up or I can double down tomorrow and get things done.

It’s not really even a choice. Frustration gets me nowhere. My goals will be hampered by the stresses of life sooner or later and so will yours. Giving up will serve to do nothing but put us further from our dreams not to mention God’s call. I an do al things through Christ who strengthens me. It was somewhat ironic that one of the things I finished while waiting for the tow truck was this cartoon for
I do believe this quote to be true. God always knows exactly what He is doing, even when He doesn’t seem to want to let me in on what he’s doing. The best we can do is trust Him and move forward.

Even aggravating things like broken vehicles might provide a way to bring Him glory. I was conscious of this as I dealt with the other involved people. MY van had just been in for transmission service about three or four weeks ago and the thought of it having to go back to the dealership on a roll back would normally have been enough to put me into a tirade. I decided instead to treat people the way I would want to be treated. As a result I got excellent customer service from the dealership. I believe these folks will get to the source of th problem and get it fixed. God once again has demonstrated Himself to be faithful. For some reason today, God decided to allow my plans to be confounded. I choose to believe that one day I will understand why it happened and in the mean time, I choose to trust Him regardless.

There is one thing I know about my plans versus God’s plan. His is always right and always better. If He messes with your plans, trust Him anyway.

He is good!