What’s Really Important?

Posted: September 7, 2016 in Speaking ministry, Thoughts on art ministry and life
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How did we get aggravated before social media? I know, we had our ways, but yesterday I saw something really aggravating. It was one of those memes that was just inane. It was nonsense. It was posted by someone who holds a fairly high position in my denomination that made me wonder, “Why I am still part of this denomination if this is the way we think?” Then I remembered we have a congregational structure that allows us to ignore the malarkey and keep following Jesus, but I digress. The main thought that was going on in my mind was…

Tens of thousands of people leave this world without Jesus every day and this is what concerns us?!?!?

It seems to me we need to refocus our efforts on things eternal and leave all that other stuff to people who still mistakenly believe that, apart from God, human beings can save the world. But then I had another thought. Some people might also think that it’s pretty silly to write a blog about Christians in the arts, that this blog (and my ministry) might fall under a similar category. “Vanity, a chasing after the wind,” as Solomon said.

Here’s why I think that’s not the case. Sure we focus on Christians and creativity here, but much like the rest of my ministry, it’s not really about the arts. It’s about encouraging people to use their gifts to serve the Lord. It’s about using all those tremendous talents that God has invested in us for the furtherance of His Kingdom. It’s about using that gift of art to reach those tens of thousands of people who leave this world without Jesus before they leave this world and giving them Jesus. It’s about making the art that accomplishes God’s eternal purposes. That’s why we do what we do and it manifests in a multitude of forms.

So next time you’re on social media and you get aggravated, the next time you question the importance of what you do, remember what’s really important.

Tens of thousands of people leaving this world without Jesus. What can we do in Christ to prevent that? That’s what’s important.


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