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tightrope copyI’ll admit it, I’ve gotten a little out of balance. Everything in my life right now is pretty good and I’m loving it. I’ve been prolific as all get out, I put out three major projects in a month and I have been speaking and traveling and developing new things, not to mention pastoring a pretty great little (but growing) church with all that that involves. I love this stuff and I am having a great time… but…

You see, there can be a price to all that prolific. In my case it manifests in my weight. Wen I am on the road it is really easy to grab a burger and keep flying. It is easy to feel guilty for stopping at a convenience store to use their facilities so I make a purchase, usually candy related to assuage my guilt and I have a real weakness for sweet tea. It’s all added up to a weight gain. It is also pretty easy for me to start working early in the morning and not stop until late in the evening, snacking to keep me from having to stop and prepare something to eat. None of this is really good for me, but the productivity is terrific.

But it won’t stay that way. Sooner or later, it catches up with you, so before it does, I need to work on balance and getting myself back into the right groove. For me that means discipline. It means setting up a more rigid order and a little advance preparation. The first thing I need to do is structured devotions. Before I start anything else, I need to get into the Word. Now you might be thinking less of me. A pastor who has to discipline himself to read the Bible. Well first of all, yes that can be true, but more likely it’s my rationalization skills kicking in. Most of what I do involves e being in the Bible for at least a little while every day, but that’s not the issue. The time I spend in preparing for presentation is of course beneficial to me, because His Word will not come back void, but I need a time where it’s just me and God letting His Word speak to me, not so I can present it but so that it can do it’s work in me. That has to happen first for me or it gets pushed aside in favor of other work. Also I have a discipline of prayer walking. This successfully combines two things I really need, time with God and exercise. I can rationalize that I pray throughout the day as I am plowing through my projects, but the reality is distraction kicks into overdrive at times in the middle of a busy day. I need to set this time aside and so do you.

When it comes to eating, that requires preparation. It’s quick to stop at a fast food joint, but it’s even faster to grab something healthy out of the cooler as I go. Sure that requires prep time but it is far better for me. I don’t need to buy candy when I have to make a stop. They do have other things, and while i know in my heart sweet tea will be served in heaven, I have work to do here on earth so I can make due with unsweetened and with water which is even better for me. These are some of the things I need to do.

The truth is, I am the happiest I have ever been in my adult life, but to stay that way and to not be dealing with preventable health issues, I need to have a little discipline and get back into balance. Sometimes I question my need to be so prolific. Is that God or is that me trying to call attention to myself. I need to be faithful and do all that I am called to do, while leaving some of the stuff that I just want to do behind.

Ask any tight rope walker. Balance is a wonderful thing.