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I recently ministered at a camp for adults with developmental disabilities and I loved it. One of the things the staff did was used music and videos to give the campers “dance breaks” of physical activity during the time between events. Most of these were line dance, “Hey Macarena” type songs, but occasionally they would share a video clip. That’s where I was first introduced to The Duck Song.

My expectations were pretty low. It’s digitally drawn, very simplistic and the most basic of animation, (yes, I know my animation is also really basic). Oh and one more thing, it’s hilarious, by the end of the video, I was cracking up. You just kind of need to watch it.

Why do I share this? Because there is something you need to see. It doesn’t need to be Pixar to connect with people, it just has to work. It has to have something that makes it remarkable, and when I say remarkable, I mean it at it’s most basic level, which is “worth remarking on” or worth talking about. The Duck Song has this hands down and it has 220,000,000 views to prove it and don’t forget, people get paid for content that gets this level of attention on YouTube and 220,000,000 views probably has paid pretty well.

I think once again this video proves my point. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be remarkable and you can do remarkable. It’s another illustration of bringing your best to what you have. The Duck Song will probably never win a Grammy or an Oscar or even a Video Music Award and none of that matters. What matters is it connected with people. It brings a little levity and people took notice. Don’t wait until all the conditions are perfect and you have everything you could ever dream of. People who do that often end up creating nothing.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just bring your best to what you have and share it with the world.