Posted: August 29, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life

It happens from time to time. You’ll see someone that just seems to charge ahead, get everything they want (or maybe everything you want) and they move up the ladder ahead of you. When that happens, jealousy is probably not far behind. Can I tell you, that is a waste of time.

Another thing that can really be a waste of time is changing what you do to try to jump the process. I was talking with my wife the other day about a ministry event I would love to be a part of. Lots of creative arts ministry types are involved but I can’t seem to get the invitation to present. I think what I have to offer could be a real blessing to everyone involved and it might open up whole new venues to the participants, but for one reason or another I’m not invited.

My wife pointed out something very important. What I do is different. I already knew this but the outside perspective was hugely beneficial. I do have an art ministry, but in my art ministry art is more of a tool than the end result. The art is subservient to the story—the message. That’s my call and while I don’t want to boast, it usually goes really well and I love it. For the others it’s about making great art, for me it’s about making the best piece of art I can make in a short period of time to draw people into the message I have been called to bring. It’s neither better nor worse, just different. Now I could change and do what they do, but I wouldn’t be as good as them and I also wouldn’t be as good at that as I am at what I do. The best thing I can do is be the best I can be at what I do and love and bless those who minister differently. Jealousy gets me nowhere. It’s far better to focus on what I am best at and the people who do invite me and I think that is the point.

Jealousy is all about focusing on what other people have and do. You don’t have time for that. Better to follow your own call and work out of your own gifting. The focus on the people who love what you do and give them the best you have in you.

Some day, I still hope to get that invitation and when I do, they won’t be sorry, but in the mean time I have lots of amazing places to go and that is the moment I choose to live in. Other than that, I need to focus on doing the work to create the best presentations I can give and developing the gifts I have been given.

In those rare moments when jealousy rears it’s extremely ugly head, we all need to push it aside and focus instead on being the best we can be.

One last thing, Please remember the last five letters of Jealousy are LOUSY. It’s not worth it!


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