How Full Is Your Tank?

Posted: August 25, 2016 in books
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It was the tagline for ABC’s Wide World of Sports. The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat. Ben Tankard had that in reverse. Ben was six feet, six inches tall by the time he was in sixth grade and everyone saw for him a future in the NBA.He went to college and eventually tried out for the NBA things were looking good until he came down from a jump and heard a pop. His knee was injured and his dream was over. One night at a church revival meeting he was called upon to play the piano and to his surprise he played better than he had ever played in his life. Supernaturally better as he says it. This led to mazing opportunities.

Today Tankard is an internationally recognized, award winning Gospel Jazz artist, an author, a pastor, reality TV star and private pilot. When his basketball dream ended, he found his true calling. This is the background of his new book The Full Tank Life. This motivational book successfully walks the line between Scriptural principles and motivation toward success. Using the acronym DESTINY, Tankard takes us through seven chapters to show us how to live out our God given destiny. With several excellent exercises designed to refine your focus, as well as quotes and personal stories Tankard makes a compelling case for trusting God and following Him to a better life. This is a well written, inspirational book that I recommend to anyone looking to figure out your career destiny.


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