I was having a wonderful time ministering through art and speed painting at a recent event. The problem with speed painting is, it can occasionally go awry. This was the case recently. I was teaching on The Good Samaritan and I began to paint. I gave myself about eight minutes and got to work. What I intended was to show the Samaritan giving the robbery victim a drink. Unfortunately, it looked more like the Samaritan was beating the victim with a club. I tried to do some fast tweaks but the paint was too wet to be really successful and it kind of got worse. So what do you do when something goers awry.

Well I’ll tell you what I did. I made a self deprecating joke, acknowledging that the painting was not quite how I wanted it to be and then jumped right into the story. I didn’t make excuses or try to stretch out my painting time to fix it. Some paintings and projects cannot be rescued. Better to chalk it up to experience and let it go. In my ministry, it’s all about the story and I had enough of an image to draw people in. Despite the fact that the painting was far from great, it did what it was intended to do and the audience got the point. An unsuccessful work of art led to a very successful presentation.

Most of the time we artistic types are our own worst critics. Now make no mistake about it, I plan to spend some time in my studio today redesigning the painting so it work better and easier in the future, but you can’t usually do something like that mid “performance.” Instead, we need to learn and discern what is most important in what we’re trying to convey. Then make that the primary focus and give it your all.


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