Archive for August 8, 2016

It’s been a crazy busy week and I have been going pretty non-stop. As a result, I have not been posting as often as I would have liked to. No excuses, once in a while we all get behind, but here’s the thing, I have committed to posting daily and I missed three days. Time to catch up. Why is this so important? We don’t have New York Times numbers here. We usually have about 20-50 readers a day. Most people wouldn’t lose sleep over that. Most people are wrong. Here’s why:

First of all my readers are important to me. I love that you come and check out what I have to say. I believe that the work I am doing here is helping people to do something I am passionate about, i.e. using their gifts, especially their creative gifts to serve the Lord. I also don’t want to just give you fluff, I want to give you something that will actually help you to move forward in your calling. I take this very seriously and I pray that it blesses you.

As I write this, I believe there is something to be learned from everything, and this apology post is no exception. You see it’s not just an apology, it’s a realization. There will be times when you cannot reach your goal. In my case, there is much work to be done and I have just a few days between road trips with several new programs to finish in the next two days as well as a good bit of activity in my pastoral ministry. Blogging got pushed out by a few things that are actually more pressing. I hate to see that happen, but the reality is there are only 24 hours in anyone’s day. Sometimes the important will get pushed aside by the very important. At that point we have a choice. We can either just let it go and move on or we can look for those open moments and catch up. This is what I choose.

The reason for this choice is pretty simple. Someone out there needs encouragement. Someone out there needs inspiration, someone out there needs to know that getting behind is a fact of life, but missing your goals does not have to be.

Where are you trying to get? What are you trying to accomplish? You’re not going to get there by giving up. Press on.

It’s far better the catch up, than it is to give up.