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This one is almost inexplicable to me. I mean I guess I kind of get the concept but I have never ever liked it. I just recently saw a preview for the new Suicide Squad movie. You should know, while I am familiar with some of the characters, I know nothing about the overarching concept, beyond this, it’s a bunch of villains brought together to do something good while being bad. This has always troubled me. Tell me you’re doing the wrong thing for the right reason and I will have to come back to the fact that you’re doing the wrong thing. I also don’t like the idea of being bad for good, with the possible exception of a few rising up against a bully stories, but even these almost have to be cautionary tales because this can and usually will go horribly wrong the vast majority of times. Don’t even get me into the lesser of two evils because I am trying to refrain from commenting on this years presidential election. The only thing I will say is the lesser of two evils is still evil.

I never liked horror movies. I’ve only ever seen one and it was edited for television and still too much for me. Visual people have great visual memories and putting horrible videos before them is a really bad idea. The movies I hate the worst though are the ones where the “monster” your Freddie Kreuger’s, Michael Myers’ and Jasons have long multiple movie story arcs. These movies make mass killers the heroes of the story, or as some people call them “antiheroes.” Let’s be clear. An antihero is not a hero, an antihero is evil and we should never ever applaud evil, ever. I can’t stand this concept.

Our world needs real, actual heroes. People who stand for “truth, justice and (the best of the) American way.” We need to broadcast their stories. We need to create their stories and share them with the world. Creatives of the faith, this is something we need to be working on. We need the underdog stories, the self sacrificing heroes who lay down their lives for their friends. We need the heroes who rise against injustice and stay good while the rest of the world goes evil. We need great stories of people who live, act and love like Jesus. Come to think of it, that’s also the way we need to live.

Antihero is a lot like antiChrist and we don’t need anymore of that in our world.

Let’s create something better, something we want people to emulate.

Let’s create some heroes. He have a great pattern to build from.