worthyTonight I painted at a city-wide revival. I was praying for an image, sort of hoping for something I had never done before, but I keep feeling the leading to paint the lamb of God, so I stepped out in obedience and painted it. For some reason, I kept feeling led to paint the word “worthy” on the top. I rarely ever add words to my paintings but I decided to follow the leading. No sooner did I finish painting the word, which could not be seen from the platform when the person speaking shouted the word “worthy.” My friend Jason, looked over the work each of us artists did and discerned a theme of identity and it was truly amazing how these seemingly completely different pieces of art all really lined up.

When it wa my turn to share, I shared about how when John the Baptist introduced us to Jesus, he said behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. I was also reminded of the praises around the throne of God in Revelation, “Worthy is the lamb of God…” I also shared about how I rarely paint words on my pieces but how I felt led to paint the word worthy. I shared that Jesus is worthy, of all our praise. I painted the blood on his forehead with my finger. I always do that these days when I apply the blood to a painting of Jesus in any form. I may paint the rest of the painting with a brush but the blood always goes on with a finger to remind me that I did that. It was my fault His blood was shed, but then He shed His blood “on me” and set me free. I’m not worthy. He did this out of love. He valued me enough to lay down His life for me and because of that, in Him I am made worthy. So many people walk through our world as if they have no value, no worth. It’s simply not true. The Son of God laid down His life for us and because of that we are worthy.

In Christ, you are worthy.


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