Sometime we need to be careful with fear. Last week something happened that rattled me. It made me question what the Lord was laying on my heart for an event for the future. It made me want to change direction. It made me want to pick something safe and make sure people like me. So I prayed for something different and nothing came. I kept praying and nothing came so I put my trust in God and did what I felt Him leading me to do.

Last night I did the event. I spoke what God laid on my heart and God anointed it, and He empowered me to give it with boldness, confidence and fire and the people received it and when it was finished something happened that I don’t expect to happen, but the affirmation was huge. They stood to their feet and applauded. They weren’t applauding me and they weren’t applauding my painting. They were applauding the Word of God.

I’m not saying that will always happen if you step out in faith. I am saying in the midst of fear, the best thing we can do is serve God and follow His lead. We can’t let fear bind us. It’s like the great old hymn says, Trust and Obey.

God is bigger than our fears. Oh God, use the Word you gave me to do something great and help me to trust you more.


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