As the artist behind two adult coloring books and someone who even colors here and there, I have joined a couple adult coloring communities online. Someone asked the question is coloring art. Evidently her significant other was saying it isn’t. First off, way to be a supportive significant other, but I digress. His reasoning was the lines are already provided, all you have to do is color in them. Not so fast…

Black lines on a page still give infinite possibilities, what technique? what materials? how will you expand on what is given. There is the possibility for some creativity in the process and so I would say yes, this is a valid art form. My hope in creating coloring books is to help some people regain the creativity most people put away sometime just after puberty. Once they realize again that they can make art, some of them will remove the lines and make their own original art. For others it’s about stress relief. If I can help someone relax and get in a better frame of mind by publishing a coloring book, that’s work worth doing. I love that adults are starting to color again, for both of those reasons.

There is also one thing I want to leave you with. “Is coloring art?” is not the right question. Art is in the eye of the beholder and the creator. If you’re enjoying what coloring and you’re receiving a benefit from it, if it’s helping you have a better day, maybe even making you a better person, that sounds like a win-win to me. So just make the art you want to make and enjoy it. As with anything else, the people who appreciate it are your audience, the rest aren’t.

Here are my books

And if you’re ready to make your own lines…


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