Politics and Staying Apolitical

Posted: June 24, 2016 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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Okay, I gave up politics a long time ago when it became readily apparent that I was letting my priorities get way out of whack. It was one of the most liberating things that happened in my life. Right now, though, I am starting to feel like that movie character who once said, “Every time I think I’m getting out, they pull me back in…” No. I will not go… I will not…

So here’s where I am at. Every day on social media my friends are battling on all sides of every issue. I have a lot of friends and they have a lot of opinions. I heard today that the UK left the EU. I have a few ideas on that, but why should anyone care about my opinion on the topic? I’m neither British or European, and as such, my opinion doesn’t matter. I wish them well and figure they are smart enough to work out what they will and will not be a part of.

Of course, here in the states we have our own issues. The forthcoming election now seems to be down to two candidates, Trump and Clinton. Frankly I don’t see how I could vote for either of them. Of course Bernie Sanders is still in and a lot of people will vote for him. Anyone who does that needs to think seriously about 1992, when a man named Ross Perot funneled votes away from the sitting president and gave us the first President Clinton. These two candidates are so unpopular with many that the third parties are starting to get energized. That’s not going to work for the same reason. Third parties need to run candidates, and lots of them, year year after year after year, if they want to gain ground. Instead they wait for a presidential year and drop a candidate in at the last minute.

A vote for Sanders is a vote for Trump. Likewise a vote for the libertarian is a vote for Clinton. I don’t see how I could vote for either candidate and so I don’t really know what do say. To be honest, that these are the two candidates for the top job in our nation, shows us something of where we’re at as a nation and I am starting to think folks better start reading the books of First and Second Kings STAT!

What concerns me more than anything else is the fervor these candidates seem to have mustered in the Church. To read social media, you would think that we’re electing a Messiah and that some seem to think one of these people could be the one. They’re not, neither of them and this is part of the problem. There is a Messiah. There is One who can actually solve our problems and lead us to the righteous path we belong on. His name is Jesus and church, our job is not, nor has it ever been to get politicians elected. Our job is, and has always been, to help people to elect to follow Jesus. This needs to be our focus and frankly the political climate we live in shows us it has not been. A national repentance is needed and it needs to start with us. To trust that anyone but Christ can fix what ails us is idolatry. The solution is not politics. We need to pray for our leaders and get back to work.

This nation needs Jesus. If we turn back to Him, politics will take care of itself.

Don’t lose focus. Who’s president is far less important than who’s KING!

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