life is an occasionI’m on vacation. The other night, the internet was out in the evening. we decided we were in for the night and looking for something to do. There was a stack of DVD’s by the TV. One of them was Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. I didn’t expect much, but we put it in. I was wrong. This was one of the coolest, most creative movies I have ever seen. The brilliant Dustin Hoffman plays the lead character, Mr. Magorium, the eccentric owner of a magic toy store. Natalie Portman plays his store manager, a prodigy piano player stuck in a rut and thinking her best days are behind her at the age of 23.

Have you ever felt this way? The right note won’t just come to you, the blank canvas mocks you or you’ve just done the 15th piece that feels like all the others, you can’t get the story right. You just feel stuck and you wonder if you have what it takes to get to where you want or need to be.

Magorium is about to pass on and is about to give the magical store to Portman’s character. She doesn’t think she can do it. She doesn’t have the magic, or at least she doesn’t think she does. She begs him not to go as if this is in his control and that’s when he says what may be the best line in the movie.

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”

It’s true. You get one chance at this life. You’re a one of a kind original, there will never be another you and your life really is an occasion. The only one there will ever be. We have a choice, and in a world full of miracles, you have the “magic” one last thing remains. Will you make the choice? Will you rise to the occasion?

I hope you will.

(If you haven’t seen this marvelous film, see it today.)


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