Well today my family and I will be leaving for vacation. For me that is usually a time to disconnect and unplug and for the most part that is what I will be doing, though I will be checking in periodically due to a few circumstances beyond my control. That being said, the idea of vacation, at least to me is to rest, enjoy family and be in the moment and to enjoy some things I genuinely enjoy.

But here’s the rub. For the first time in recent years I enjoy most everything I do. I love my ministry, I love making art, my church, etc. How do you unplug from things you enjoy? Is there a way to do the things you enjoy while still unplugging? How do you handle this?

I think to me, I have to be intentional about being unintentional. In other words, I will take some materials with me for making art and I will of course have the mighty MacBook along for the ride, but I am taking no agenda. If I feel like creating, I will create. If I feel like writing, I will write, but for fun, not with any intent or any pressure, just to create, just for fun. Now that is not to say if something great comes out, I will not expand on it when I get back, but that is not the intent.

The truth is sometimes even when you love what you do, you need to take some time away. Incidentally, you probably won’t notice I’m gone because I loaded some wonderful video content that should be really interesting. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to continuing the discussion when I return.


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