My son is rambling about the house trying to pack and one minor calamity after another is happening. A stubbed toe, a dropped item and after each incident, I hear the same quote, “Are you serious?” We’ve all been there. There are days where it just seems like things are not going your way and in the midst of it, we find ourselves asking some unknown invisible person, “Are you serious?”

But of course there’s another application to the quote. We look at something someone has done and we wonder are they serious or are we being punked? And then of course there are the efforts we put forth ourselves where we have to question our own motivations. How hard have we worked? Are we putting forth the effort? Are we doing what it takes? Is this representative of our life’s work or are we just dabbling? It all comes down to how serious we are about what we’re doing.

You see, the things that are worth doing are worth doing right. The extra effort is worth it. Taking the time to make it the best we can make it will usually pay dividends and even if the financial or other rewards don’t seem to dictate the extra effort, the truth is, as creatives we are largely known by the body of our work. Eventually quality will be rewarded as will things like delivering on time, exceeding expectations, etc. We have to keep in mind we are doing more than creating a piece of work, we are building a reputation. Bringing our best to the table is always worth it, at least in the long run.


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